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About Wings Theatre Academy

Wings Theatre Academy was established in the year 2012 in association with St Kabir Public School. The Academy was started to provide a platform to students from Chandigarh and nearby cities, where they could explore and express their creative talent, find stimulation for their imagination and enhance the faculties of their mind, body and the senses. Wings currently has more than 150 students enrolled with it, in the age group from 7 years to 30 years.

Theatre is an important educational tool which plays a vital role in the holistic development of children and adults alike. At the Academy, we encourage our students to make their own choices, step into somebody else's shoes, find themselves in unusual and imaginative situations and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions in a safe, creative and nurturing environment. Through our work, we help students to develop a sense of curiosity about themselves and the world around them, allowing them the space to discover what matters to them emotionally, creatively, intellectually and physically.

The Academy has staged over 24 plays since 2012 and all the productions have been highly appreciated by audiences and theatre critics alike. The Academy’s productions of popular literary works like The Blue Umbrella, The Secret Garden, The Book Thief, Little Women, Beauty and the Beast, Children of Heaven have garnered much acclaim.

Every student who joins the academy undergoes two programs. In the first program, the students are taken through an innovatively designed theatre curriculum and in the second program, the students come together to put up a full-fledged theatre production, in which they not only get an opportunity to exhibit their acting talents, but also learn first-hand, the nuances of backstage management.

The Academy currently runs its classes from St Kabir Public School sector 26 and Vivek High School Sector 38, Chandigarh.

Zubin Mehta

Zubin Mehta started his journey in theatre as a child actor. He performed in his first play at the age of 8, staged by a Punjabi theatre group. He thereafter continued to work as a child artist with several Punjabi and Hindi amateur theatre groups, gradually transitioning to full-fledged adult roles at the age of 17. Throughout the course of his work as a child actor, he took keen interest in the craft of acting, directing and the aesthetics of staging a production. This interest culminated with him directing his first grand musical called ‘The Tinderbox’ for Yadavindra Public School, Mohali at the age of 19. He then went on to direct several musicals and dramatic plays with the school for seven years, while continuing his work as an actor. His powerful rendition of ‘Toba Tek Singh’ (2007) with child actors from YPS, Mohali took the entire region by storm, underlining the wondrous impact that theatre can have, especially on young minds.

Over the past few years, parents and educators in the country have gradually begun to realise the importance of theatre and the role it can play in the holistic development of a child. Unfortunately, this realization was not followed by concrete steps to make theatre an intrinsic part of a child’s learning years and Children’s Theatre remained relegated to summer camps and annual plays staged by some schools. In order to fill this void and provide a permanent space to youngsters where they could experience the magic of theatre, Mehta started the Wings Theatre Academy in the year 2012 in association with St. Kabir School, Chandigarh. The Academy has trained more than two thousand students since its inception. During these years, the Academy, under the guidance of Mehta, has staged some memorable plays like Death of a Salesman, The Night of January 16, 12 Angry Jurors, Children of Heaven, Blue Umbrella and many others. His play ‘She Stood Up’, on the theme of empowering young girls, was highly appreciated at the International Children Theatre Festival held at the National School of Drama in 2018. Zubin and the ‘Wings Academy’ have also played a vital role in creating an audience for theatre in the tricity by staging quality theatre productions regularly.

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